The Pashmina – The Perfect Gift For Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day

Pashminas with a romantic twist!

14th of February! The day for celebrating love! Isn’t planning ideas regarding gifts for Valentines Day for your dear girlfriend quite a difficult feat? I tell you, it is!

But an elegant cashmere pashmina can be your best pick this season. However, when it comes to the love of your life, gifting this garment in a generalised form is not the ideal mode. Pashminas are a different ball game altogether! During my time, I decided to twist up the pashmina and gift it to my lady love on V-Day, and voila! She was delighted! I would surely like to share some of the tips that I tried out with my girlfriend! Next Valentine or birthday, may be this could help you out!

Oh yes! Make sure that you get your pashminas from authentic sellers. The charm added to such original pashminas is just amazing.

Some twisted ideas to make pashmina gifts for Valentines Day special

Firstly, I would like to share my experience regarding making this V-Day special for her! My lady love is a huge fan of both Chardonnay and Red Wine; so gifting her this wine in style was truly a way to express my love. Wrapped in a gold pashmina, these bottles of wine were wrapped up in a vertical manner and a stick of tulip was attached with it. So the whole idea was to gift a carry bag with wine bottles in it and pashmina to wrap herself up in style.

Why don’t you try it out as well? You could wrap the bottle of champagne in a coral pashmina or even a rich red pashmina with a bunch of roses! Clearly, pashmina could make up as one of the best gifts for Valentines Day.

Some other tricks in the pipeline:

There are some other ways that I have devised for using a pashmina wrap as gifts on Valentine’s Day for your lady love!

  • Wrap the trinkets in a pashmina: If you are planning on trinkets as gifts for Valentines Day for your girl, you could very well drape them in a soft coloured pashmina such a lilac pashmina or cream pashmina. I will tell you how! Why don’t you fold the pashmina leaving some edges and place the trinkets there? So, as she opens up her pashmina, she could see those little trinkets falling on her!
  • Gift an album full of your memories laced in pashmina: How about remembering memories with her? I would surely try this on her birthday this year! You too can do so! Take a light pink pashmina; wrap up the photo album with it. Not just the pashmina, the photos as well shall surely make your girl happy!
  • Basket of chocolates can never go wrong: As one of the best gifts for Valentines Day, you can create a basket and fill it up with chocolates cushioned within a pashmina! As your girl takes out the shawl, the chocolates come in additionally! Isn’t the idea simply amazing?

Just like I made my girl feel like on top of the world, you too can try these techniques out! Pashminas are truly one of the best gifts for Valentines Day and placing it in a proper manner makes it all the more beautiful.

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